About Us

Gaia was born when its founder Mario, dreamt of Gaia as an entity that would build solid connections between brand and consumer. The spark that ignited the idea came from an opportunity to provide quality solutions for client services at a time where market demands were very challenging.

Mario comes with years of experience on both sides of the fence. He has worked for giants like Microsoft, Christian Dior, Japan Tobacco and JWT.

The ignition has started the fire that burns with passion and is what has propelled Gaia to the forefront of strategic management of brand activations.
With over 60 Events under our belt since inception in 2006, we provide unparalleled strategic management of brand activations, corporate launches, modelling, fashion shows and are specialized in Experiential Marketing.

We deliver a full spectrum of strategic and creative end to end solutions from conceptualization, planning through to execution.

We have established and continue to maintain a long lasting relationship with both client and team. Our recipe for success lies in our ability to manage our team and the people we work with in the same spirit: With clear intention and a collaborative approach built on mutual respect and trust.

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